Penny Farthing Engineering (Pty) Ltd is currently on Level 2 BB-BEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment). Penny Farthing has a unique approach to empowerment.Penny Farthing has evolved to a corporate company in which collective decisions are made by a board of directors. Management has a diverse inclusion approach to serve, achieve and compliment the company’s short – and long-term objectives. Penny Farthing aims to create numerous opportunities within the company. Creation and empowerment of hardworking individuals in leadership positions to ensure internal organizational growth. Career development is a major part of enabling a healthy organi-zational culture.

Further career development is done in alliance with CETA, as a skills development agent of CETA and other professional bodies such as ECSA – which places focus on engineering candidates – and SACPMP which is the recognition of prior learning with registered bodies. The focus on interns complet-ing practical experience through adequate guidance ensures high quality internal controls.Thus mutual benefit is obtained through work based development


  • More clearly defined roles of responsibility

  • Each division is managed more effectively

  • Foresee economical changes within the external environment, to adapt change

  • Unification through improved teamwork

  • Increased loyalty, strengthen trust and growth in commitment

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