Health & Safety


Penny Farthing has an in-house health-&- safety division. Management and employees consistently work together to ensure the upkeep of health and safety standards, ensuring a healthy organizational environment. In order to meet and exceed medico-legal requirements. Penny Farthing Engineering offers Construction regulation 2014 compliant medical surveillance services. Which include:

  • Occupational History collection

  • Physical medical examination

  • Keystone vision screening

  • Schnellen eye testing

  • Lung function testing

  • Audiometric screening

  • Additional services performed on request (drug screening, X Rays, wellness programmes etc)

    These tests can be performed on-site, or at our medical facility in Cape Road, Port Elizabeth. By our friendly and efficient team of medical professionals.


  • Screening audiometric booth

  • Oscilla SM930 audiometer

  • Kuduwave audiometer

  • Spirobank lung function tester

  • Keystone VS GT Vision Screener

  • Occuplus user interface software


Responsible management of health and safety concerns is an integral part of our business culture, therefore through the strategic management of health and safety, commitment to our vision and promotion of a culture of health and safety awareness and responsibility, we aim to:

  • Apply sound health and safety management principals

  • Promote and protect the health and safety of employees as well as the general public in and around our work areas.

  • Minimize potential hazards to employees and the business as a whole

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for the well being of all employees through staff partici-pation in health and safety responsibilities.

  • Ensure the health and safety of the community in which we are working is not compromised by our activities.

  • Meet and exceed legal responsibility as set out in the health and safety legislation.

  • Motivate, educate and train employees to take responsibility for health and safety

  • Implement appropriate health and safety standards, good practices and sound management principals to ensure that measures are taken to minimize losses and avoid accidents.

  • Encourage and promote health and safety awareness, responsible behavior and safe work practices when performing any work.


In collaboration with SANRAL SOC, Penny farthing engineering has appointed Wellness champions on our construction sites. With the mandate to not only reach out to employees, but also to their families and the communities surrounding our areas of operation. These wellness champs perform the function of creating awareness, as well as informing the communities of medical conditions relevant to their environment. Rather than just follow the traditional route of focusing on HIV/ AIDS. Our wellness champs follow the World Health Calendar, and therefore a wider range of topics are covered e.g. Dental issues, Male Medical Circumcision, Tuberculosis as well as HIV/AIDS etc.

Other than training and awareness. Our wellness champs also assist employees by arranging voluntary HIV testing and the associated pre-counselling, facilitating counselling and admission to rehab facilities for employees who require it, as well as getting involved in community outreach projects.

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