Learnerships & Mentorships

The pro-active promotion of learning with a long-term success on plan places focus on Learnerships and Mentorships. The transference of skills enables the company to be available as a body of empowerment. Continues goal-orientated assessment of individual growth is achieved through Penny Farthing Mentorship programs. Penny Farthing is the link between willing and hardworking individuals and the opportunities for graduates to develop within Penny Farthing project jurisdiction. Diverse lines of focus are based on the merit of each employee.

Penny Farthing believes in taking the necessary risk to utilize and equip SMME’s, subcontracts and other enterprises in need of development. The risk is mutually beneficial and ensures a higher quality of work delivered under the Penny Farthing group brand. Thus, making the company a trusted and reliable choice.

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