Penny Farthing Engineering SA (Pty) Ltd. was established by the late Naas Rademeyer in 1995. Operations began as an engineering management company, with only one road re-sealing contract acquired in Lesotho. Penny Farthing Engineering has evolved in a leading construction company over more than 20years. The company has refined, and perfected skills acquired through unfazed dedication and experience. The company is built upon the courage and perseverance of the people within Penny Farthing.


Making a positive difference to local communities and the surrounding environment of South Africa Ensuring sustainability of work by empowering local communities through knowledge and training Upliftment should be ensured through partnerships with SMME’s and less fortunate institutions


The improvement and expansion of all parties involved for long-term success
Obtain professional work environments with a strong ethical and proud organizational culture. Establish Penny Farthing Engineering as the leading contractor of choice in South Africa

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